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Greetings to you and welcome to the Spirit Lake United Methodist Church website! Join us Sunday mornings for worship and Sunday school and throughout the week as we walk the journey of faith with Jesus Christ. And let us know if you have any questions that we can help answer. Come and grow with us.

- Lon Lewis, Senior Pastor


Spirit Lake United Methodist Church
1812 Gary Avenue,
Spirit Lake IA 51360

(one block east of the courthouse on Hwy 9 & 71
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Worship Schedule
 Worship with us on Sunday Morning !!
8:30 AM - Traditional Worship
10:30 AM – Contemporary Worship            
9:30 AM - Coffee Hour & Fellowship            
9:30 AM – Sunday School for all ages
 11:30 AM - Coffee Hour & Fellowship  
TV Broadcast 
Our Sunday Services are now available for
viewing on TV Mediacom Channel 22
Fridays @ 9:00 AM in the Spirit Lake, Iowa
area and
Mondays @ 9:00 AM
when possible.

Contacting the Church Office
Phone: 712-336-3115
Fax: 712-336-4677
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Church Office Hours  
Mon –Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00
 PM                                  (closing at 4pm on Fridays)





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The Staff-Parish Relations Committee and The Board of Trustees will hold an PARSONAGE OPEN HOUSE on Wed, June 28 from 7-8 pm . If anyone would like to stop and see the updating we have done. Carpet is being laid on the 28th and Pastor Duane and his family will be moving in on June 29, so there is a very small window to come and see what we have accomplished. The parsonage address is: 1101 30th St. Spirit Lake.

   A WELCOME COFFEE will be hosted by Staff-Parish for Pastor Duane & Lisa and family on Sunday, July 9th following both services.


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Friday, July 7th, 5-8 pm

Sat, July 8th 7am - 2pm

Garage sale proceeds will go

 toward Mission Projects.

You may start to bring your donations

to Wesley Place after June 29

No large appliances,   No TVs ,   No Mattresses

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Our church (all of us) is starting a new ministry at Discovery House (the half-way house north of the post office).  We also are going to furnish the family meal the first Monday of each month. Volunteers are needed for this project. We need three people each month to serve this meal and would appreciate your help with ths. A sign-up sheet is on the Bulletin Board in the hallway, or talk to Linda Racine if you have any questions. We are excited about this and hope you will be too.

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All persons interested in becoming a member of the Spirit Lake UMC are asked to please let the Church Office know. 

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   The Staff/Parish Relations Committee is pleased to announce that Rev. Charles Gilbert has been hired as the new SLUMC Visitation Pastor/Ministry Assistant. Gil is a familiar face to many of us, as he and Alta have been involved with our church for several years since his retirement as a full-time UMC pastor. He will be involved with all areas of visitation and pastoral care and is looking forward to working on our staff! Gil currently is the part-time pastor of the Royal UMC, preaching there 2 Sundays each month.

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Our prayer group meets at 12 noon on Mondays in the church office.  They would like to invite others to join them.The meeting time could change to accommodate others.   Please contact Sharon Klein if you would like more information on their group.








































































































































































































































Pastor Duane Larson has been appointed to serve the Spirit Lake United Methodist Church, effective July 1st. Pastor Duane is currently serving as an interim pastor in Missouri after serving 11 years as the senior pastor of the Eureka UMC, MO. Pastor Duane is married to Lisa, who grew up in the Lakes area and graduated from Arnolds Park High School in 1982 (Lisa’s maiden name is Battern). They have 3  children: Sam, who is in college; Seth, who is a senior in high school and Sarah, who is in 6th grade. Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare to become part of our church family in July.

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Betty is Retiring!     

As many of you are aware, our church office manager, Betty Sangel, will be retiring around the July/August time frame after 34 years of dedicated service!  We will be planning a celebration of her career at Spirit Lake UMC later this summer.   She will be greatly missed!    In the upcoming months the Staff Parish Relations Committee along with Pastor Duane Larson,  will be discussing the office manager position and formulating a plan for hiring a new office manager. Interviewing will likely not take place until July when Pastor Larson is present.  Anyone interested in the position or with questions may contact Staff Parish Relation Committee Chair Jayson Wollmuth at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks,  Jayson Wollmuth


Cleanup Buckets

We are starting a new ministry in our church! We are going to provide the Spirit Lake Fire Dept. with Cleanup Buckets (formerly Flood Buckets) to be given to people who have had their homes damaged or destroyed by fire and smoke. We need your help to fill these buckets with the supplies needed to clean up after a fire. You may donate money, or you may choose from the list of supplies. Each bucket will cost about $65 to complete. The Mission Committee really appreciates your help with this .

 5 Gallon Bucket / lid (new)

Liquid laundry detergent

         Two 25 oz. or one 50 oz. bottles only

Liquid household cleaner

         12‐16 oz. liquid cleaner that can be mixed

           w/water.   No spray cleaners!                                                    

Dish soap

         16‐28 oz bottle any brand

1 can air freshener  

         Aerosol or pump

1 insect repellant spray

           6‐14 oz. aerosol or spray pump with

           protective cover.

1 scrub brush          

           Plastic or wooden handle.              

18 cleaning wipes

           Handiwipes or reusable wipes.                                                              

           No terry cleaning towels.

           Remove from packaging.

7 sponges

         No cellulose sponges due to mold.

           Remove from wrapper.

5 scouring pads    

         No stainless steel, No Brillo pads,

         No SOS pads.Nothing w/soap built in.          

         Remove from wrapper.

50 clothespins

         Remove from packaging.

Clothes line

         Two 50 ft. or one 100 ft.  

         Cotton or plastic.

24 roll heavy duty trash bags

         33 to 45 gallon size.

         Remove from the box.

5 dust masks

2 pair disposable waterproof gloves                                                                    

         Rubber or latex.

         Remove from packaging.

1 pair work gloves

         Cotton with leather palms or

         all leather.
























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